List of Requirements to Own a Property


  1. Birth Certificate if Single  – Marriage Certificate – if Married (even if a borrower has been separated from his lawful spouse, unless there is Legal Separation from the Court, the borrower is still married and will require the spouse to sign on all documents)
  2. Tin Number/ Id
  3. 4 pcs 1×1 ID picture
  4. CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage from NSO) for single
  5. Proof of Billing – Meralco , Water or Phone Bill.
  6. 2 Valid ID (passport, driver’s license, prc id etc – govt id)
  7. SPA Notarized / Consularized – for OFW
  8. 12 to 18 Pdcs for Downpayment (depending on the terms of downpayment)
  9. Photocopy of Passport with Arrival and Departure
  10. Certificate of Tenancy with Valid ID of Apartment owner if renting
  11.  ESAV – (applicable for Pag-ibig Borrower , Employee Status Accumulated Value or Print out of Pag-ibig Contribution)



  1.  Latest Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  2. 2 years latest ITR/ BIR Form 2316
  3. Latest 3 months payslip



2 Valid ID



  1. Consularized Contract of Employment/ Certificate of Employment with Compensation
  2. Latest 6 months bank statement or proof of remittance
  3. Latest 3 months payslip
  4. MSVS – Membership Status Verification Slip (Form from Pagibig)


All documents must be fully complied